Margie Rosenberg, Jewelry Designer
at Madison Green Festival

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The main inspiration for my business is my long-time burning desire to design and make jewelry and enable more people to enjoy it. When I am making jewelry, I feel joyful, invigorated, and peaceful. I am passionate about creating and working with the materials. I am inspired and enjoy making jewelry because I am drawn to the colors, textures, and energy of the materials. I feel the qualities of the stones and shells and work with them in order to compliment the flow in the piece.

My vision is to share with others the natural beauty of nature and the healing properties of stones. I am drawn to women artists in other countries and plan to have some of my proceeds provide some support to an artisan group. I teach jewelry making techniques to children and adults at local art centers and for private gatherings. I feel that earth-based jewelry enables people to connect with nature, natural beauty, and good energy.

There have been several important influences that have shaped my artistic career, including nature and the environment, exploration in many art mediums, and exposure to many cultures.

Connecting with nature has always been important to me and has had a huge influence on my art work. We have lived on a small family farm surrounded by state forest in Connecticut for the last 40 years. The change of seasons and colorful wildlife provide a varied landscape of colors and textures to incorporate into designs for jewelry. I grew up in Southern California which is a high desert with colored earth and windswept trees, which provides a very different environmental influence.

I have been influenced all my life by the arts, from my family, travel, and interest in cultures. I have been very fortunate to have many mentors and I am grateful for their insight and what they have taught me. Among the mentors that have guided me in the arts the most are my parents. They were the wonderful combination of a mother who was trained in art and became a well-known artist and a father who loved the out of doors, taught nature skills, and was an engineer. My father used the “art of engineering” and shared with me his incredible ingenuity for being able to assemble things to make them work.

My mother was an open-air artist painting in oil and watercolor, block printing, and weaving. She helped me to understand the variety of nature’s colors and how to blend them. We collected shells and rocks together, studied their infinite color patterns, and identified them. Now, stones and shells are old friends that are used extensively in making my jewelry.

My parents demonstrated an active interest in other cultures through international folk dancing, traveling and visiting, and by being active in the Pacific Asia Art Museum where my mother was a docent. They imparted in me a graciousness and acceptance of everyone. The color, styles, and patterns found in jewelry and clothing in other cultures has significantly influenced what I design.

Starting as a child and continuing throughout my life I have kept the passion of art alive during my 40 year career of being an Occupational Therapist. A life changing accident forced me to retire sooner than planned and I turned to jewelry making full time.

As a therapist I was tuned into people’s needs and used a variety of techniques to help them. In a similar manner, I now tune into the energy of the stones and shells to design patterns that are harmonious. I enjoy assisting customers while they discover qualities in the stones that support their needs or passions. All of my jewelry has been created with positive and loving thought and holds my “healing hands” energy.


2015 Outdoor Autumn Arts Festival
Saturday, October 10 (9:30am-5pm)
and Sunday, October 11 (Noon-5pm)
Rain Date Monday, October 12 (10am-5pm)

Festival located at Madison Town Green – Boston Post Rd and Copse Rd, Madison CT
Presented by Arts Center Killingworth – (860) 663-5593 – A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization