Creative Arts Birthday Parties

You bring the children and cake, we do the rest!

Let us create your next birthday party by providing customized crafts,
games and activities, balloons, decorations and paper goods.
(All you are responsible for is inviting your guests
and supplying the food/beverages of your choice)

The Arts Center can accommodate up to 12 children/teens.
Saturday and Sunday Only. Reservations Requested One Month in Advance!
Please call (860) 663-5593 or email
to reserve your date and for pricing

Party Themes Include:

Hip Hop Blast – NEW!

In this exciting dance party, ages 6-15 will be introduced to the popular moves of Hip Hop by professional dance instructors! Children and teens get the opportunity to use their natural love of movement and imagination to create their own steps.

Fashion Jewelry Design for Girls and Boys

Ages 6-12 design and create their own beautiful pendant, necklace and bracelet from polymer clay with artist Gloria Nilsson, or piece together custom-beaded backpack clips/keychains and unique sailor knot bracelets with artist Wendy Hughes!

Clay and Painting Discovery

Ages 6-13 create a customized variety of clay or painting artwork, or a combination of the two! With Gloria Nilsson, create your favorite animals, figures, flowers or other fun objects using clay, or develop engaging paintings inspired by professional artists.

Personalized Perfume Creation

Teens and young girls love this one. Develop your own unique scent from a variety of essential oils with graphic artist Sarah Thompson. Take home a vial of the new perfume to wear and show off! Ages 9-15.

Felting Critters or Flowers

Great for boys and girls Ages 9-15! Experience the ancient art form of wet felting with artist Robin McCahill. Choose from a wide selection of colors and then turn your yarn into creepy critters or a beautiful, three-dimensional felted flower. Pin or sew the creations onto any bag or outfit!

Be a Rockstar!

Your 4 to 8 year old will be the star of this gig as friends play and sing along. Use instruments, sing in harmony, and have a karaoke session Microphone and a variety of musical instruments will be provided.